Pax 3 By Ploom Set To Provide New Features For Customers

pax 3 by ploomPax 3 vaporizer, is the third generation of vape that has been manufactured by Pax Labs, a San Francisco based lab and it is also known as the best deigned vaporizer that has been invented in the market. It is considered as one of the most popular herbal vaporizer that is available in the market that is safe to use, portable and attractive. It is available with quick startup that is very beneficial for smokers who can start using this vaporizer within 15 seconds for getting the desired outcome. This device is 4 inches tall which can be easily accommodated inside your pocket as it is sleek and compact in its design.  If you are looking to buy the Pax 3 On Sale then check out the link in this description to see where we purchased ours from.

The body of Pax 3 vaporizer has an amazing user interface that consists of single button that is hidden inside the mouthpiece which makes it convenient for the smokers to turn on and off the device. It also compromises of shake sensing accelerometer that can be used easily for temperature settings and changing temperatures with just one or two clicks. Pax3 is known for its tactical temperature control sets this device apart from the other vaporizers that are available in the market.

Faster Heat-Up Times

Pax 3 has a startup time of 15 seconds which has come down from 45 seconds of the previous device which makes it the most desirable feature of this vaporizer as it is ready to puff in few seconds. Hence you will not have to wait in between the puffs with the use of this latest herbal vaporizer. It has a powerful battery and heater that ensure more reliable and cloudier hits for the smokers than what the previous Pax versions offered to its users. The oven of the vaporizer of Pax 3 is conduction that means heat transfers from metal walls into adjacent herb for getting enhanced vaping experience. The powerful heater can be especially very powerful as it helps the users to use this device at anytime according to their requirements.

An amazing reason for using Pax 3 herbal vaporizer is that is has Smartphone app known as Pax vapor app that enables users to change its light patterns, change the user controlled temperature setting and adjust LED brightness but for using this app you will need to have access to GPS location. The three oven types available in Pax 3 vaporizer help the smokers to use other materials apart from using marijuana flower. Whether you need to use marijuana concentrates or loose leaf material, you can always use it according to your taste and preferences.

Fully Adjustable Heat Settings

The third insert with half flower allows the users who do not wish to smoke much as the settings of the device can be customized according to the needs and preference of the users. You can easily lower its temperature for making the material to last longer and dim the LED lights so that you will not be noticed when vaping in public place. When buying this herbal vaporizer, the user will also get a Pax multi-tool for helping to pack and empty the oven when not in use.

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